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Ear Candles & Massage - Naomi Jones Beauty Rooms, Bedford

Ear Candles & Massage

Ear Candles, Massage, Facial Combos

Ear Candles & Massage - Naomi Jones Beauty Rooms, Bedford

Customer Care

We burn aromatherapy oils and candles and play relaxing music to enhance your experience.

If you are sensitive to these oils please let us know at the time of your booking.


Centuries old Candling is used for soothing and relaxing.

A cylinder is gently placed in the ear and lit at the opposite end to create a slow vacuum.

With no discomfort, old ear wax and noxious toxins are removed, helping to relieve pressure, wax build up and inner ear blockage.

Basic Treatment - 30 Mins - 18.00


Begin with a relaxing scalp massage followed by candling to each ear. Complete relaxation as scented oil is massaged into the face.

Finished with a cooling eye mask to clear the nasal passages and sinus points whilst your feet are being massaged with hot stones.

50 Mins - 27.00